Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 1

Last session the psionic escaped slave, the alien fixer and the magic addict descended upon Atlanta for their own reasons. The alien fixer seeking to the daughter of a colleague who had been taken by white slavers, the psionic escaped slave seeking his brother, and the magic addict seeking the Crucifix of St. Guf at the behest of his supplier.

After encounters with ship captains, confederate soldiers, groomsmen, kitchenstaff, seneschals and young boys the three found themselves converging on the the Kennedy Plantation at dusk. Finding each other in the dim light and of agreeable mind, they agreed to help each other. After freeing the slaves and raiding the main house, they pursued the dastardly Ross Kennedy to a copse of trees where he kept a fairy noble enslaved within a set of standing stones. Kennedy ordered the Fairy to kill the adventuresome gentlemen. Ross was dispatched easily, but the Fairy would have been a challenge if her desire was anything but to leave her prison. After forcing the magic addict to remove the Crucifix of St. Guf from its place on one of the stones she stepped through a gate, presumably to Arcadia.



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