Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 10

Find me a lost puppy?

  • Caruso working innocently in his lab in the future of a different past finds himself in this world. It is dirty, despicable and uncivilized.
    • the trip left his cybernetic systems temporarily offline
    • His mad ravings and strange clothing earned him a trip to the asylum where he was scheduled for electroshock treatment and other modern European treatments.
    • the moment he left alone he uses his nano-fab and breaks through the bars
    • He finds his way to a library and scans the papers and books until closing time
    • he evades the library staff and steals the contents of the lockbox
  • Andrew Mensch, Hasheem, Brent McTavish and Portia are supping at the local tavern. Hasheem might be drinking.
    • A goblin/elf enters the establishment
      • 4-5 foot tall, long pointy ears, skinny limbs, bulbous joints.
    • He addresses Andrew.
      • Inquiring whether Lady Layla has any interest in “The Mother” while at the same time suggesting that the answer in definitively no.
      • It becomes clear that “The Mother” refers to Portia.
      • Portia is offended, the goblin/elf doesn’t seem to pay her mind.
      • Securing that the only person with an interest in Portia is Portia herself, the goblin/elf is satisfied the leaves.
  • as he leaves he passes Caruso entering the tavern
    • they ignore each other
    • Caruso gets himself a drink and some food with his ill gotten gains
      • veggie burger is not on the menu
    • Caruso’s monitoring system indicates a high risk scenario with a group behind him discussing murder.
      • Caruso finishes his food and quickly leaves.
  • Brent follows the strangely dressed stranger to cheep hostel where he seems to turn in for the night seeing as there is no spa.
    • Brent returns to the group and reports that Caruso doesn’t seem to be a threat.
  • Eventually they head back to their hotel.
    • The goblin/elf intercedes.
      • Demands that the mother surrender to his custody
    • there’s various indignation and in short order Portia shoot him.
    • He has friends all wielding curved, flaming daggers stalking on the roof.
    • A mellee ensues.
      • a couple are turned to dust by being impaled on their own flaming daggers.
      • They seem to be able to teleport short distances.
        • mostly used defensively
  • After they are dispatched
    • Lady Layla and her pet Ogre come into the alley
      • She offers to extend her protection to Portia for a small price.
        • No more than collecting a lost puppy or child and returning it to it’s proper place.
      • Portia begs time to consider this and consult with her companion
        • Lady Layla graciously grants this.
      • the Ogre gives a backward disappointing stare before following Lady Layla through a wall.
  • Return to the hotel, discussions ensue
  • Lady Layla is called
    • Portia agrees to a one time agreement
    • Lady Layla agrees to extend her protection until such time as Portia refuses a job.
  • Caruso talks to Lady Layla about returning him to his place.
    • She indicates that she will soon be able to aid him in this.
      • When it does she would expect an invitation to be a guest in his home.
    • He indicates that he will consider the matter.
  • Portia’s first job is to secure the Golden Spike from the Stanford Museum and return it to it’s place at Promontory Point, Utah.



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