Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 2

The Pinkerton Infilitrator having survived an assassination attempt by her own people was in the wind, heading South to Atlanta. The Pinkton’s sent significant resources after her and eventually caught her.

The psionic escaped slave, alien fixer and magic addict found themselves with a couple of dozen escaped slaves, a dozen newly freed kidnap victims deep in Confederate territory.

Two of the girls were Claire and Heather Warcort the daughters of Declan Warcort, an influential local mobster. The alien fixer took the local girls, Claire and Heather, and Ross Kennedy to Warcort who, once roused, in appreciation took care of the local girls, disposed of Ross Kennedy and offered his smuggling crew to the move the slaves from the plantation to the dock.

While this was happening the magic addict was visited by a high fairy acquaintance. She desired him to collect her the ‘first light of the dawn’ as collected in any old eyes that saw the dawn. Just pop the eyes right on out and it’ll be fine.

The alien fixer on his way to the offices of the Kennedy’s lawyer, Cornelius Morgan, encounters the Pinkerton Infiltrator as she escapes from a second story amid a hail of gun fire. The alien fixer helps the pinkerton infiltrator escape. The alien fixer’s attempt to warn the lawyer to allow him to capitalize on the situation doesn’t quite go as he hoped, with the lawyer eventually fleeing the city at the news that he’d come to the attention of the local gangster in a matter related to his daughter’s kidnapping.

Once back at the plantation there was a minor issue involving the slave patrol. Some of them died within the standing stones… though they seemed to keep moving, maybe. This led to some serious corpse abuse.

After some serious drink, some mind control and a minor run in with some steam powered mecha, everyone managed to sneak on board a ship and ship out to Baltimore.

Out on the high seas, but still in southern waters, a northern ship encountered the smuggling vessel and opened fire without so much as a semaphore. The situation dire, the magic addict, assaulted and took the eyes of the lookout delivering them to the high Fairy. Striking a bargain to render the attacking vessels weapons useless. Moments later a great squall came up from nowhere forcing the ships apart. The smuggling ship made it through without major damage.

In Baltimore slaves were set up before everyone moved on to Philadelphia where the alien fixer spoke with his Justicar contact and returned his daughter and the pinkerton infiltrator spoke with Quinton Robert Stone, the Pinkerton’s steam man. It was learned that the assassination attempt on the pinkerton infiltrator came straight from the central committee and the ship was also one of the Pinkerton’s.

On to Chicago where a last girl was returned and the magic addict gave the the Crucifix of St. Guf to his supplier. In talking with his supplier he learned that the idea of an unbound high fairy walking around frightens him, without revealing that… you know… that there was one.



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