Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 3

Brent McTavish went to the bare to celebrate the return of his final charge, Hasheem went to drink, and Anna Floyd went to mourn her life as a Pinkerton. There was must drinking and a lot of pain the next morning. Meanwhile Andrew Mensch slept off his magic high.

Brent who drank less than the other two, spent the morning making contact with the local Justicar’s organization attempting to get contacts with European and Canadian mafia organizations. He got some names in the Niagra Falls region.

Andrew went and spoke to the proprietor of Hecate’s Favor. He managed to get a letter of introduction to Phillip Warren, and expert on the Fey in Niagra Falls for the cost of purchasing Warren’s book.

Back at the bar, Anna, was jumped by Pinkerton agents on her way to the outhouse. She managed to avoid the first attack but was outnumbered. But her screams were heard. Brent arriving back from his meetings was the first to catch up with them. Using his mind control he ordered the Pinkerton agents to turn and walk away, which they slowly started doing.

Anna, furious, started throwing stones. One of the agents turned and told her to “cut it out”, the echo of the mind control seized her mind and she stood, utterly blank while the Pinkerton’s left.

Considering it unsafe, the entire group boarded another ship and made their way to Niagra Falls.

Brent spoke with Jimmy Brind, a local mobster and smuggler and entered into the beginnings of an understanding. A confidence building measure toward building a relationship.

Andrew went to speak to Phillip Warren, but only got as far as his apprentice, Jeremy Henry. Andrew discussed the issue of being a person of interest to an unbound Fey Lady. Jeremy indicated that there are ways to send her home, though she would consider it insulting. But to pursue any of that, would require more information about how she was bound. Since the original mage is ‘no longer available’, he would have to examine the Crucifix of St. Guf to see if he could untangle the thread of it.

Meanwhile Anna and Hasheem went to the wireless office to make inquiries as to the ownership of the ‘Greyhound’ the ship that transported Hasheem and his siblings to America. On the way back to the hotel, they were jumped by Pinkerton agents. After a scuffle Anna and Hasheem managed to capture one of the agents alive and bring their ‘drunk’ friend back to the room.

Combining their various talents they questioned the agent, who broke like a twig. Unfortunately all he know is that he was that a message came from HQ to collect Anna. The message had her hotel room and that she was to be taken alive. Someone would be along to collect her from HQ.

There resulted some paranoia where Anna kept mobile.

They went and tried to speak to Tesla, the mad scientist, to see if any of her stuff was being tracked by mad science. His lab was empty except for an unconscious man, who couldn’t quite remember how he got there. Upon being woken and assessing his situation, he excused himself and left the lab.

Her stuff was sequestered in a steamer trunk and checked at the train station to see if anyone came for it. The trunk was ignored. Though the Pinkertons were watching the train station generally.

Hasheem went and collect the response from his inqueries of the ‘Greyhound’. It is owned by a a partnership with a mailing address in the south. RETCON (England has been out of the slave trade since 1808, and his been in the slave ship interdiction business ever since.) The Greyhound has a route from Savannah to Providence to Africa. It has been known to stop at Atlantis occasionally when it is deemed worth the risk.

Anna went undercover and infiltrated the Pinkerton office. She found the original dispatch which came from Philadelphia HQ mere hours after she arrived in Niagara Falls. It was sent by the Central Committee.

She sent a message back to HQ, indicating that the agents had lost her, requesting any additional information. An hour later HQ sent a messaged raising the alarm, indicating that Anna was in the office. In the confusion she managed to slip away.

Andrew found a local magic supplier and convinced her to examine Anna for magical tracking. She examined Anna and found a magical residue from some previous contact with magic, but nothing current.

It was decided that an ambush was required. Andrew, wearing his best junkie face, went to the Pinkerton’s to sell out Anna. There he met Mr. Bryant who questioned him a bit about where Anna was located and had Andrew wait in the cell interview room.

Twenty men converged on Anna. Anna being prepared had set up a number of escape routes and after a chase managed to loose her pursuers.

Mr Bryant returned to Andrew and attempted to suck his brain clean. Unfortunately for Mr. Bryant, Andrew is a magic addict. The upshot is Andrew got to look around in Mr. Bryant’s head. He learned that Mr. Bryant works for Nicholas Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Central Committee. Mr. Bryant was sent to collect Anna to recharge “The Great Artifact”.

After this Andrew tried to escape, but the kind guard brought him back to Mr. Bryant to get his reward. At which point there was a scuffle. Andrew managed to get himself on the outside of the locked door with Mr. Byant and the guard on the inside. They were not being quiet.

Andrew ran through some offices and broke through a window. He managed to loose his perusers and make it back to the others.



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