Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 4

Joshua Bestatter finding himself at the doctors making sure that Tesla is alright after the Warden attacked when some Pinkertons were brought in. They were found wandering the streets, which peeked Joshua’s interest. It sounded to him like a new form of supernatural power he had to weave into his theory. Once he heard where this took place and saw Tesla back to his lab he went investigating.

He went back to bar where the Pinkerton’s first attacked Anna Floyd in Niagra Falls. With his supernatural senses he was able to location of Anna’s shells and fashioned a spell to lead him to the gun that fired it. Joshua started following the trail.

The others tried to figure out what to do next. Eventually the settled on taking the train to Providence, Rhode Island pursuing the Greyhound which brought Hasheem and his sister to America.

At the train station Joshua’s caught up with a disguised Anna. Joshua, making no attempt to be stealthy, was noticed immediately. Given the recent history of Pinkerton attacks, Brent McTavish attempted to read Joshua’s emotions which set off his sense. He wasn’t sure what to do, should he follow Anna or pursue this new source of supernatural power. Figuring he could use the spell to find Anna again he followed Brent.

Brent led him onto the train where they talked and discussed. Eventually Hasheem and Anna wondered where Brent went. Meanwhile Brent and Joshua started to head toward the compartment. While this was happening, Andrew Mensch was left alone in the compartment. He slipped away for a moment and when he came to he felt buzz of magical energy and his head was resting the lap of the Fey Lady.

She asked if he could be so kind as to acquire some Hope for her. She recommended that hope collects in the heart when someone feels hope. Just pop the heart out….

At the other end of the train, an overwhelming wave of what Joshua called green rolled over them. When they got back to the compartment, Andrew was well and truly high. They tried to question him but got mostly incoherent babbling.

A short while later Joshua sensed energy wash over Anna, it was black, marbled with blue and green. Anna finally getting a break of someone who can perceive the magic tracking her. Anna and Brent convinced Joshua to accompany them as the left the train without a station.

Joshua cast a spell on each of them to borrow some of the trains speed. They followed the tracks until they came to a town and acquired a wagon. Joshua tried to draw a ward to protect Anna from the spell was unsuccessful.

Their next plan was to travel to one of the places where the supernatural doesn’t work, the misnamed dead zones. They reached Graychurch, a small down with a large church. They talked with the father and learned the story of the founding of the church and the founder, Charles Gray. Joshua noticed something of power in the reliquary but didn’t mention anything.

Anna afraid to expose herself the tracking, sneaked into the church and spent the night there. She flashes of a man in 15th century armor fighting something that could only be called a demon.

The next morning they left Graychurch, going to a confluence of Ley lines, where Joshua again tried to ward Anna calling upon the power of the ley lines. Using that power he was able to at least weaken the tracking.

Reaching Providence, Joshua and Anna, holed up at another convergence, blocking the tracking. Brent made contact Cornelius Morgan and learned that the Greyhound was due to come into port the next day. A plan was hatched that required some hookers, Brent contacted the local mobs. They were happy to supply the hookers but was a bit surprised that Brent was here given the attacks on his organization in Philadelphia.

This greatly disturbed Brent, motivating him to return to Philadelphia.

They sent the prostitutes in to get the captain of the Greyhound drunk and lure him into an ambush, which they did admirably. The captain broke like a twig under the combined influences. They found the local representation who was able to find the records that Hasheem’s sister was sold to Edward Glass in Savannah. Unfortunately Edward Glass is no deceased.

Brent asked for everyone to help him in Philadelphia. The only question was how to get Anna out of providence without being tracked.

Joshua has a theory that if they stay over major Ley lines he should be able to protect Anna. Brent was able to get control of a zeppelin from the local mobs. A wagon was procured and Joshua made a ward on the wagon and brought Anna to the rendezvous spot. All went well until the Pinkerton’s ambushed them.

Anna and Joshua were able to fight them off. They managed to grab dangling ropes and Hasheem hauled them aboard. Joshua was able to keep the ward as they followed major ley lines toward Philadelphia.



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