Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 4 - Joshua's Diary

Excerpts From the Diary of Joshua Bestatter

11 June 1898

Nik and I have successfully joined magic and the new science. We have managed to transmit power over a great distance. We employed the Law of Contagion to link a generator and a receiver.

12 June 1898

While celebrating our great success a warden of the Order of Reason broke in and attempted to apprehend Nik. We stopped him, but Nik was injured.

13 June 1898

I have found a new type of supernatural force that appears to emanate from Brent Mctavish. This one appears orange, but I have not been able to determine what the source and effect is. I have met a group of strangers that seem intent on doing good deeds and are afflicted by supernatural forces of unknown types. One other note, while on the train, I observed an extremely powerful magic emanation, but do not have more information or observations. I feel strangely compelled to travel with them for a time to learn about these unknown types and to see if I can make a difference—also Brent has promised to explain the orange force to me if I accompany them. I have not been able to discern a supernatural force responsible for this desire – perhaps I cannot see all of the forces. Much to think on…

14 June 1898

We have overnighted in a small town in Connecticut after a long day of travel. The town is at the center of a dead zone which is not really dead but cluttered with remnants of all forces that are too tangled and shredded to be analyzed and interfere with all forces. The center of this zone is a church with perhaps a relic. I will not violate the sanctity of the church to find out more. I have seen a new composite force structure. It looks like someone is attempting braid forces together rather than blend them. In addition to small amounts of blue and green the braiding consists of a black structure. Is this a new force or just a byproduct of the braiding?

15 June 1898

We have arrived in Providence. On the roads from that small town to here, I have tried to shield Anna (a very small woman of no importance but strangely competent) from this new braided force, but the ley lines were not strong enough. We will set up tonight on a large line and see if we can succeed. From overheard conversations, it seems that the group believes that this force is associated with some artifact in the control of the Pinkertons.

16 June 1898

We have escaped from Providence and are on our way to Philadelphia. The shielding with a strong line partially worked and prevented the magic component of the “ping” from touching Anna. From intercepted telegraphs, it is clear that this has significantly degraded the “ping’s” effectiveness. We will ride the strong lines to Philadelphia and I will try to capitalize on my limited success to see if I can create a ward against the braid that does not depend on strong ley lines. There was some derring do to get the group on board the zeppelin.



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