Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 6

Battered, bruised and tired the survivors crawl away from the machine. It seems the Pinkerton problem had been dealt with at least for the short term. So there was nothing to do but sit back and relax… well except for the missing Marcus Ward, the curse on the Justicars and some Faeries who want some hope within the next 24 hours.

No matter how much Brent McTavish wanted to rush over to rescue Marcus, the principles weren’t in shape for it. They checked themselves into a hotel. At the hotel Joshua Bestatter questioned and experimented with Hasheem’s psionic powers. In exchange he mad a bottomless flask which he gave to Anna Floyd. This does not bode well.

Anna slept, Hasheem drank, Joshua documents and Brent nervously paced back and forth as the minutes ticked slowly by.

Eventually everyone crawled their way back to consciousness and followed Joshua’s magic compass to Marcus. The compass led to an otherwise abandoned warehouse where Marcus was being held prisoner. Anna scouted ahead and found only two guards and a stealthy way in. Once she reported back Andrew Mensch, Anna and Brent attempted to stealth in while Hasheem and Joshua hung back, not believing they could be very quiet.

Brent successfully sneaked in while Anna and Andrew had some mechanical issues with the window drawing the attention of the guards. Brent easily dispatched the guards and freed Marcus.

Once they made it to safety Marcus relayed that he had been kept there for the last few days. He had been moved once before. He usually had six people guarding him, but about six hours all but two decamped. The didn’t seem to be local, speaking with a Confederate accent.

They returned to Marcus’ estate. After Marcus spoke with his daughter and Randall Jones and Marcus’ lieutenant were summoned, Joshua performed a ritual to make a new compass. This one led to the missing badge. With all the element he lined up Joshua thought it should be a trivial spell, but it took all of the elements to reach the missing badge.

When they followed the compass it led back to the smoking ruins of the Pinkerton ancestral estate. Specifically deep under it. The estate was populated by onlookers and gawkers of various kinds. Among the more mundane ones seemed to be 4 covert types.

Most of the principles followed one of the ley lines out to perform an “experiment”, while Brent attempted to approach one of the covert types as a curious bystander and see if he could get him to spill. Brent reached in with his power to massage his emotions into a receptive state, but hit a barrier in the man’s mind.

The man attacked Brent while his compatriots drew weapons. Brent shot the man who tried to hit him. Fisticuffs and gunplay ensued. Brent managed to take out two of them. The rest of the principles came running. The remaining two covert types grabbed there downed companions and flee. Two escaped, two were captured.

The two captured men were brought to train tracks and searched and questioned. Each man had a gold colored metal disk pained with 5 small stars and one large stars. According to Joshua it had a blue aura.

Initial attempts at interrogation only got name and serial number. Once it was backed by Brent’s mind control. He became more cooperative. He is a member of a Paranormal Containment Unit. His unit was sent down by Col. Dumfries to investigate the Pinkerton situation. He was told by Col. Dumfries that the disk would harden his mind against the paranormals. Col. Dumfries and the rest of his unit are based out of West Point.

They attempted to return to the Pinkerton estate looking for the missing badge, but there were army units camped there when they got close. The principled decided this would have to wait.

Having exhausted the man’s useful knowledge they leave him by the train track to deal with the Faerie Lady before she becomes angry.

They came up with the plan to give her the hope embodied in the Liberty Bell. They went to Liberty Plaza and after fortifying their spirits Andrew called out to her.

Joshua saw her essence illuminate the whole plaza as she whispered into existence behind Andrew. Andrew offered her the bell a symbol of hope. She clarified that he was giving it to her. Once he assented she walked up to the bell as if on invisible stairs (with everyone in the plaza watching and gawking) and laid hands on it. In fractured and disintegrated into dust which she absorbed into her body.

She returned to Andrew and thanked him for his gift it was positively “yummy”. Joshua spoke with her a bit but refused to offer either an unspecified favor or even knowledge of his mentors for the physicality of the bell. She kissed Andrew on the forehead infusing him with magic before she whispered away the way she came leaving most of the plaza staring at principle or the missing bell.

Joshua could see the tiniest wisp of a green halo on everyone they saw and a palpable depression had descended over the city.

RETCON: I did a little research googling and the Liberty Bell was mostly a symbol of the abolitionists before the civil war and reunification afterwards. Since reunification never happened, it is mostly a Union anti-slaverly symbol. It may have some power among the abolishionist forced in the South, but it is mostly a Union symbol given the existing history.

Deciding that perhaps they didn’t make the wisest choice the principles decided it was time to flee south. Freemen papers were forged for Hasheem and they went south by train. They intended to get to Savannah and inquire about Hasheem’s Sister, Eva Glass.

Cornelius Morgan had set up shop but was missing. They contacted another lawyer who promised to help find out what happened to Eva, but it would take some time to do the research. It was agreed that they would come back the next day.

In the mean time Brent spoke to Declan Warcort asking if he knew of someone who was moving on his territory who might be behind the troubles he’d been facing. Warcort said he know of no one with that kind of reach. There are always local upstarts, but no one of significance at the moment.

Warcort also suggested that their new lawyer was unreliable and suggested another. The new lawyer actually had the information on hand, having compiled it for another client. Eva was purchased by a merchant who could could barely afford a slave. Two week s later the merchant was killed and Eva and a number of the man’s valuables went missing. It is believed a drifter was responsible but he left Savannah before he could be arrested and he hasn’t been seen since.

The merchant’s old shop was still unoccupied, going through an extended probate without an obvious heir. They searched the place and found Eva’s bedroom, including a number of personal items.

Joshua used the items as well as a bit of Hasheem’s blood to make one of his magic compasses. He was successful though in his assessment was more of a detriment than an asset to the spell. She was to the Southwest, unfortunately after taking several readings it became she was not nearby. They boarded a train heading West and it became increasingly clear that she was in Mexico, possible in the heart of rumored Vampire territories.



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