Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 7 - Joshua's Diary

29 June 1898

An incredibly full day has passed and I have witnessed new colors and new takes on old colors. The day started with a trip to a small parish church to acquire some holy water. After Brent nosed around town, we found a priest that has a reputation for having a vibrant faith. We spoke to him and Hasheem impressed upon him the needs of our quest. Father Charles acquiesced to our request and I witnessed a very dim violet color. I believe this is the color of True Faith. The more I see, the more it seems that the colors fall along the rainbow and the colors depict how internalized the supernatural effect is. Towards red is internal and toward violet is externally sourced.

As we were heading to the train station to continue our journey, I noticed a fellow who glowed indigo. When I stopped him, he was very abrupt and focused on finding someone. After a few minutes of discussion, I asked him his name. He seemed at a loss and finally seemed to invent the name he gave me—Malegos. Perhaps his name is a corrupted form of Latin, “mal” being bad and “ego” being me. An off the cuff translation would be “Despicable Me”. He was carrying a long sword that also glowed with the indigo power, but others said that it was glowing blue with red streaks. I noticed faint runes that seemed to be teutonic in origin, but I do not know the runic symbols – I will need to do more research. After discussing his issues, I worked a small charm to create a dowsing compass that would allow Malegos to find the person he sought – perhaps a Texas Ranger.

After creating the compass, Malegos stalked off – conveniently to the train station. When he arrived, he walked up to a group of fellows and conversed with them. I could not understand the conversation, but Malegos ended it when he cut a couple of them in two. At this point many things happened and I could not decide which action would be the best. During the brief combat, Anna re-engineered her gun (with advanced science a-glow) and proceeded to shoot a water tower instead of the steam contraption. Silly me, I forgot to mention that a larger than life steam creation vaulted out of one of the train cars and seemed to be interested in doing harm. It was a mammoth creation and almost shone with advanced science. Malegos attacked it with his sword and actually cut a huge gash in what appeared to be very strong and thick metal. The fellows that Malegos attacked were all dispatched and the steam mecha was felled. Hasheem and others went to the train car to try to help folks who were injured when the water tower overturned a rail car. We decided that it was time to leave Dallas. About this time an enormous flying fish appeared and a huge green smear of magic. Given the green smears characteristics I alerted my companions that I thought I saw a giant flying Fae.

At the same time, the flying fish disgorged a couple of men on a rope. Later these men caught up and boarded the train. They seemed to be interested in joining our merry band and they were provisionally accepted. One of these men said that the green smear was a Dragon and I told him that they were asleep. He insisted on his view and, upon reflection, that could explain the green smear. Brent worked his wiles upon the train engineer and conductor and we left the wreckage of the train station behind. In the process we picked up a slip of a girl with striking Oriental features. As we headed west the green smear followed us. We decided to debark from the train after we were a couple of hours out of Dallas, since the Texas authorities could be chasing us. After we exited the train, the green smear disappeared and a foreigner appeared glowing with the same magical taint. I performed the iron horse ritual for all save the foreigner and we rapidly left the rail line. The foreigner would not participate once he found that a small amount of blood was required. Andrew was over-enthusiastic and gashed his hand badly in the hopes that the iron horse ritual would more effectively feed his addiction. I must study him some more and try to remember the legends about the magic addicts. One other interesting note was that Malegos did not bleed so much as drip foul clotted blood (of the type that week old cadavers leak when examined). The foreigner, Shenlong, did handle the railroad ties and seemed comfortable around the tracks, so I do not believe that he is Fae (who suffer mightily from iron). From hints that <insert name=”true”> has intimated, I believe that Shenlong may be a Dragon. That would be extremely interesting and would allow me to gain a deeper understanding of magic by providing a counterpoint to the Academy and Lady Layla. I am trying to convince Shenlong to trade languages with me, but he does not trust me yet. I feel I have much to learn from him, but the language barrier is impeding my understanding. Perhaps I will try to get <insert name=”true”> to perform the speaking in tongues ritual. She apparently understands him and appears to be afraid or not trust him.

4 July

My ability to find water and create food as we cross the desolate regions is holding us in good stead. The trackless wastes are serene, but distinctly lacking in interesting things to study other than my companions. We are getting closer to the region that is supposed to be controlled by vampires.



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