Joshua Bestatter

Magical Theoretician


Badass – Perception of Supernatural

Vice – Overthinker

Keys – Curiousity

Apparent Boons


Apparent Gear

Base Magical Gear
Mad Science Gear
Mad Science Hand Weapons (Electro-sword, stun gun, lightning carbine powered by Tesla Capacitor)

Allies Nikolai Tesla


Joshua has recently been working with Nik (Nikolai Tesla) on using magic (ley lines) to transfer wireless power (mad science) at great distances. A mad science power generator has been set up near Niagra New York that broadcasts meta power along the ley lines. This meta power can be received by a specially configured crystal (Tesla capacitor) which can store a very limited amount of this energy if the generators are down or there is no ley line influence (very few areas are without this influence).

Joshua is on an extended quest for knowledge and is trying to discover as many sources of supernatural force and to see if there is a way to merge the various supernatural forces into one Grand Unified Supernatural Theory (GUST) that allows translation between forces and augmentation.

Joshua was abruptly released from the Order of Reasons Advanced Magical Training Academy after an accident during his Ordeal of the Master. He completed the Ordeal, but was severely injured. Upon awakening from a coma, he started to see colors around people. He was delirious at the time and does not remember what he saw. In an abbreviated ceremony, he was awarded his Master’s Mark and told to explore the world. Joshua left the Academy and began to remember noticing colors around certain individuals. As his experience grew, he learned that the colors represented supernatural effects and thus his quest to discover GUST began.

Joshua Bestatter

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