Gnosis: Steampunk

Session 5 - Joshua's Diary

18 June 1898

Being on board the zeppelin has been a fascinating experience. The zeppelin is covered with the glow of advanced science, but it seems very weak considering how powerful the effect. Perhaps advanced science becomes mundane over time as it is accepted. That could be a key difference between advanced science and magic. With magic, even the common items require someone with the talent to create, while advanced science looks like it evolves to not require any innate talent. Room for much more thought about how supernatural abilities become mundane.

I had a very interesting conversation with Brent McTavish concerning the orange glow I saw surrounding him. As he related, this is the effect of being an “alien hybrid”. When questioned, he said that his ability was conveyed by people from another world (literally beyond the atmosphere of Earth). When I asked if he meant Mars (perhaps pulling my leg after reading the delightful fiction by HG Wells), he said no and described it coming from much further away – in fact I do not believe that he has read Mr. Wells’ work – what a philistine. In any event, the orange glow represent his ability to manipulate others minds and perhaps physiology (interesting philosophical discussion for the future on the nature of mind and self). I asked if it only worked on people and he said that he is able to manipulate animals as well. To test this I summoned a rat and had Brent control it. He did and I was fascinated with the information that the iward picked up.

I am having a hard time finding a way to reconcile this ability with magic and advanced science. If my perceptions are grounded in some concrete reality, then perhaps the source of the energy that powers the effects – further out on the rainbow are more personally powered while the closer you get to the center of the rainbow, the more it is powered by something outside. This could explain how advanced science can become mundane more easily than magic. This would also mean that the “alien hybrid” effects would be much harder to duplicate. Brent was very distracted since his “organization” was being attacked.

19 June 1898

We changed ley lines to a less powerful one on our way to Philadelphia and the captain had a much harder time maintaining a course close to the line. However the opposition changed tactics and instead of trying to find Anna, found our zeppelin instead. I do not know if other zeppelins were also found, but prudence dictated that we debark immediately. We were lowered down close to a town and the zeppelin continued on its way.

Now that Anna was out of the ward circle, we needed to come up with a new way to protect her from the location “magic”. After discussions with Andrew Mensch and Anna, we decided that Anna would need a mobile protection circle and that resurrecting a fashion from earlier in the century – the hoop skirt – would be the way to go. To this end I procured a barrel hoop (made of iron) and an iron washer. Using the law of contagion, I coerced the hoop to take on the seamless nature of the washer. I then inscribed the protection ward on the hoop, connected it to the ley lines and then a suitable skirt was fashioned.

20 June 1898

We arrived in Philadelphia without further incident. The group of us split up and I went to the telegraph office to send a note to the Order asking them about their interference with my experiments. They treated me like a rogue and I am a member in good standing. After sending the telegram, I found a place to rest and wait for the appointed meeting. I also began to get a feel for the ley lines in Philadelphia. We met again and I decided to accompany Brent to a meeting of his company. He described some interest effects and wondered if magic could produce them. I do not think magic is capable of creating the kind of curse he describes without an item of extreme significance.

We arrived at one of Brent’s places of business where a meeting would be held in a back room. On the way to the room, I spotted someone who was affected by the peculiar bgb braid. Andrew seemed to pale when he noticed the gentleman (he was scruffy, so gentleman is perhaps not the best term), but nothing was said. We entered the room and were met by a most colorful group of people. Astonishingly they seem to represent the underbelly of society – Brent is a mob boss!!

During the meeting, one of Brent’s minions stood up and tried to shoot him. This minion was affected by the orange glow but Brent assured me that he was not responsible. I could not do any experiments because guns appeared in many hands and shot him dead on the spot – swift justice indeed. Brent tried to get his minions to stay, but half of the group left in a very agitated state. As Brent was laying down the law of the mob (seems a contradiction since mob law and justice are usually at odds), a group of Pinkertons stormed in. This broke up the meeting and we beat a hasty retreat. The sunsword that Nik made me worked wonderfully on the wall.

After we lost our pursuit (others thought it was at best half-hearted), we decided to try to find out what happened to Brent’s associate. I attempted to do magic, but even though the lines were near, the magic failed. The lines have somehow been tainted. I must explore this, because the taint could be dangerous to ritual magic. We went to his associate’s house. Brent went inside, but I tried to find a place of power on the grounds. By far the best place was the family plot. I was not comfortable with that choice, but it was the best location by far. Brent revealed that he and his partner had a badge upon which they had sworn a blood oath. I assured him that the badge was not the subject of a blood oath (those require precise timing, a strong ley line and an able practitioner – all elements seeming missing). However, upon consideration, this badge is an important symbol of his organization and could be used to curse his organization. I used the badge and the ambiance of the cemetery to create a dowsing rod for Marcus. We met back up with the others (Anna is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol and Hasheem has apparent infinite capacity). We went to a safe house to rest and pursue matters again in the morning.

21 June 1898

So much has happened in just a day – I shall just begin where I left off although I am not sure technically whether some of the events should be noted as yesterday or not – well on with it.

While at the safe house a confluence of events occurred. Our pursuers showed up on three side and started to fight, but that was not the most astonishing thing. A member of the Seelie Court (perhaps two, but I am not certain about the dog). He was suffused with magic and I would later learn was able to work magic. I attempted to ask him questions, but he seemed perplexed. I tried to experiment on the dog to see if eating mortal food would pin him here ( a reverse of the legends of eating under the hill), but surprisingly the dog would not eat what I provided. After the encounter with the Ogre (they can travel by means of shadows), we beat a hasty retreat because the warring factions outside were beginning to target us.

We decided to take our battle to the Pinkertons – Anna convinced us that her half brother would be a good target. Interesting that little Anna is an illegitimate member of the Pinkerton clan. We entered the house of her brother by means of Brent’s AH abilities. It is interesting to see them in use – the more I see, the better I will be able to find an integrating theory. In any case, Nicholas (not to be confused with Nik) was not there. I decided that I could use the telephone with a physical link to headquarters to find Nicholas and that using the warding washer to add the feel of the bgb braid to it would be even more successful. The dowsing rod turned out to be more aligned to the bgb braid (and possibly Nicholas) rather than Pinkerton HQ. On the way to the ancestral home of Allen Pinkerton we stopped at a friend of Anna’s. He is a very powerful practitioner of advanced science, but with a different bent than Nik. Mr. Stone appears to be a weapons expert (perhaps explaining Anna’s blue flickers) and had some wonderful items. I borrowed a dysfunctional sonic weapon, because I surmised that the artifact generating the bgb braid effect would be crystalline (it had a crystal, but ultimately Nik’s lightning gun was the correct effect – Nik hates that name, but does not have a better one). In any case, Mr. Stone agreed to talk to me about his weapons at a later date. After departing Mr. Stone’s, we followed the rod and it brought us to the Pinkerton estate.

We attempted to gain entry by impersonating a milk delivery wagon. Brent controlled the guards and convinced them that we were a valid milk delivery, but apparently the estate does not get milk delivered. An interesting side effect of Brent’s power is that it provides a one shot use for anyone affected. In our case, the guard told Andrew that he was confused and should go to the next estate (and he did).

After that failed plan, we decided to sneak on to the estate. My cloak of invisibility worked, but the others were noticed (proving the superiority of magic). After a short melee with the guards, we entered the house via the coal chute. The dowsing rod showed that the artifact was below us, but the floor was much too thick to cut through. We descended a spiral staircase to deep within the bowels of the earth. What greeted us was a vast cavern that housed a strange pool and an incomprehensible machine. I have a hard time describing it because of how the supernatural forces were swirling within it. It turns out that the bgb braid was actually a mix of green, blue and extremely dark green. Because of other clues, I think the very dark green verging on black represents necromancy. In any case, a melee ensued. Hasheem proved to be more than muscle when he ripped the desiccated body of Allen Pinkerton out of the machine and glowed yellow. I surmise that he has the ability to do telekinesis, I will ask him about that later. To help the others to understand the melee, I attempted to provide the others with the ability to see the colors of supernatural – this failed catastrophically. Contrary to providing the ability, I roused the notice of an entity of tentacles that resided within the artifact. It lashed out with the tentacles and wiped away my ability to perform magic (fortunately temporarily). During the examination, I noticed a power crystal but I think it was ultimately destroyed. While the others engaged the people in the room, I unlimbered Nik’s gun and showered the machine with chained lightning. An interesting effect was when Andrew charged the “necromancers”. He appears to have the ability to absorb magic and I found out he is a magic addict. In any case, I pummeled the machine with the electric force and finally tuned the weapon to destroy the machine. The machine was destroyed, but its destruction cause immensely more damage from which we barely escaped.

I do not know of a day recently where I have been more challenged, learned more interesting facts and had more fun!!

Session 5

We join our discerning gentlemen and lady as they are heading toward Philadelphia aboard the airship Zephyr. They are closely following the ley lines, the course set by Joshua Bestatter. Poor Anna Floyd hidden inside the magic circle.

Joshua took this time to inquire about and test the source of Brent McTavish’s orange glow.

This was all going well, the dark magic would occasionally quest for Anna but the wards were effective in repelling it. About half way through the trip the dark magic reached out, not for Anna, but for the Zephyr herself. The principles disembarked at the nearest town and sent the Zephyr back up north.

In town a barrel hoop was procured from the local cooper and and washer from the local general store. With the two a hoop skirt with the properties of the wards was fashioned for Anna. After which passage to Philadelphia on a carriage was secured.

Once in Philadelphia there was much to be done and the principles split into groups. Anna and Hasheem searched for Anna’s half brother, who had dispatched Mr. Bryant to bring Anna back in chains. The brother was known as Nicholas Pinkerton and they found his town house in a wealthy neighborhood.

Andrew Mensch feeling a bit jittery went looking for a fresh hit of magic. In the thick of his high he had a dream in which an Ogre came to him. The Ogre, dressed in fine Faerie armor, spoke in refined Oxford accent and was accompanied by a hunting wolf. The Ogre wished to know why he had not brought the hope his Lady had requested. There might have been an implied threat. The Ogre indicated that he would bring a man to Andrew, when he turned that man over, it would fill his heart with hope an ideal time to cut out heart and offer it the The Lady.

Brent went out into the underworld seeing what he could hear without revealing himself. However, with his reputation it was difficult for higgm to operate in secret on his home turf. he approached Randall Jones, the lieutenant he felt he could most trust.

He learned that most of his organization thought he was dead, the other local leader, Marcus Ward went missing a week ago. His organization was plunged in to chaos as the various lieutenants vie for control of the organization. The organization itself seems to be suffering from a spate of bad luck all its own above the loss of leadership.

Brent called a meeting of all his lieutenants for that night.

Joshua went to the telegraph office sending a message to the Order of Reason inquiring why a warden was dispatched against him and Tesla’s experiment.

Andrew, hatching a plan to get some hope without carving out someone’s heart heads to the local race track. He finds his mark, Mark Gish, a man down to his last dollar and eager to bet. Andrew befriends Mark and talks up a horse. Both Mark and Andrew buy a ticket for the race. Andrew is intent on swapping the tickets grabbing the one filled with Mark’s hope and turning it over to the Lady. Unfortunately he flubs the switch and a scuffle ensues. Mark gets the better of Andrew and gets away with his ticket.

Everyone reconvened after running their various errands. Brent asked the others to accompany him to a meeting with his lieutenants. The meeting was in the back of a gambling hall. On the way in they encountered Mark Gish. Joshua perceives the tiniest wisp of the black/green/blue nimbus around him. Mark attempted to cause trouble but the enforcer kept him away from the back room.

Soon after the meeting began one of the Lieutenants drew a gun and attempted to kill Brent. According the Joshua he flared with orange just before he shot. The assembled mafiosos and body guards quickly killed the would be assassin. Most fled, Brent was able to command about half his Lieutenants in place and laid down the order of doing business.

Not long after this a squad of Pinkertons came busting in. Everyone fled. The principles, now experts in being pursued by Pinkertons, considered the pursuit half hearted and confused at best.

After the meeting the principles decide to visit Susan Ward inquire about what she knows about the disappearance of her father, Marcus Ward.

On the way there, they encounter poor ley lines and Anna and Hasheem are given a compass to follow the good ley lines, which lead to a bar, where they stop and drink.

At the Ward’s, Brent receives a chillier reception than he was expecting. It seems a letter addressed to Brent was delivered to Susan. It’s message was simple, “Relinquish all interests in the South or Marcus dies.”

During this Joshua quested for points of power on the Ward estate. The best he found was the tombstone of Marcus’ wife. Although he disliked using the tombstone as the focus he used the place the create a compass using the Brent’s Justicar badge to lead him to Marcus. Initial sighting indicated that he was still in Philadelphia.

Meeting back up with Anna and Hasheem, the others found Anna completely drunk and Hasheem, on his 11th beer, doing fine. After some convincing they retired to a safe house.

At the safehouse the drunken Anna passed out, falling out of the protection of her skirt. It wasn’t long before three contingent of Pinkertons surrounded the safehouse. What happened next was somewhat of a surprise. They began fighting each other.

In the middle of this chaos the Ogre and his hunting wolf stepped from a shadow carrying a bruised and battered man which he dumped at Andrew’s feet with the expectation that Andrew would instill hope in the man and take it (along with the heart). The Ogre largely ignored the other principles, though at one point he pinned Brent against the wall with magical force in response to some imagined or real slight.

Andrew refused to take the heart, but offered up his hope that the Lsdy would understand this. The Ogre refused to take the message himself, but gave Andrew 24 hours to deliver his hope to the Lady. With that understanding the Ogre walked out through the shadows.

The principles decided that hanging around the “safe” house was dangerous and took the emergency exit.

In deciding what to do next, Anna decided with drunken determination to go to Nicholas’ house and ‘get him’ or something. Since she really couldn’t take care of herself, the other’s follower her.

They stormed the townhouse, mind controlling their way inside then after some talk of taking Nicholas’ family hostage, instead made their way to the study. Joshua used his washer and the telephonic device in the study to create another compass. While he was doing this more guards attempted to take the study back. They were easily repelled. The remaining guards seemed to stay with the family either protecting them or getting them out.

Following the compass they decided to stop by Quinton Robert Stone’s workshop and stock up on weapons. Quiton believed that the still a bit drunk Anna might have been over the edge, but Joshua distracted him with his theories while others raided his armory.

The new comopass led to the deceased Alan Pinkerton’s estate.

The first attempt to gain entrance to the estate did no go as planned. They ‘borrowed’ the milk delivery man’s cart and impersonated him using mind control. Unfortunately the estate doesn’t receive milk and when the guard told Andrew that he was confused and he should go to the next estate over, the mind control backlash kicked in and he did.

The next attempt was to stealth over the wall and into the coal chute. Unfortunately they were spotted and a fight ensured. They took out the guards and made it into the basement. The compass indicated that the great artifact was still further beneath them. Eventually they found a secret door just as a squad of Pinkertons burst out of it. The principles managed to dispatch the Pinkerton’s in short order.

The secret door opened onto a long spiral stair case. Going down the stairway opened onto a cavern dominated by the great machine. Steam and pistons pumped and cogs and gears moved and spun. At the center of the machine, about 15 feet up was the dessicated, barely alive, form of Alan Pinkerton connected to the machine in tubes filled with viscous liquids. Directly under the the corpse was a completely still pool, its surface like a mirror. Surrounding the pool were seven men in dark robes and cowls.

A distance away from the machine over to the right were seven men and women in business attire. Among them was Nicholas Pinkerton, his right hand man Mr. Bryant and a woman which Joshua saw with a faint blue glow. Joshua also saw the glow of a power crystal somewhere lodged behind Alan Pinkerton.

Surrounding these business people, looking kind of uneasy were 15 Pinkerton guards.

When the principles came into view, Nicholas ordered, “Capture her”, at the same moment the lady in the blue glow ordered, “Kill her.”. And the two sides clash.

Hasheem uses his telekineses to yank Alan Pinkerton out of the machine. He falls into the pool where he melts without causing a ripple. Joshua sees the yellow glow of his power for the first time. The machine sprouts invisible, but nearly black in Joshua’s sense, tentacles and begins questing about.

Anna scream “Dad would never want this.” The lady in blue responds “I agree.” before Anna shoots her, Nicholas and Mr. Bryce.

Andrew rushes the necromancers. He hits a force field which grounds out against him, getting him just a bit high. Andrew begins dancing, shoving several necromancers into the pool before taking the others out.

Brent begins controlling soldiers turning them against each other while Anna takes out the rest of the Committee. Hasheem lays into the soldiers.

The tentacles reach out and grab the body of Nicholas and one of the necromancers bringing them up to where the alcove is. The Pinkerton’s rally and manage to inflict serious pain. Hasheem and Andrew are taken out.

During this Joshua is attacking the machine itself. Causing it to spark and sputter. In response it attempts to suck the life of everyone in the cavern. Finally Joshua’s final shot destabilizes the machine and every thing begins the shudder and crack. Fissures appear in the rock as everyone begins to flee.

Brent heals his comrades as they make it up the stairs as the cavern collapses. They keep running as the house and the very ground collapses into the void.

Everyone collaspses on the lip of the new crater panting for breath. After a moment Joshua turns to Hasheem and asks, “So Tell me about this yellow”.

Session 4 - Joshua's Diary

Excerpts From the Diary of Joshua Bestatter

11 June 1898

Nik and I have successfully joined magic and the new science. We have managed to transmit power over a great distance. We employed the Law of Contagion to link a generator and a receiver.

12 June 1898

While celebrating our great success a warden of the Order of Reason broke in and attempted to apprehend Nik. We stopped him, but Nik was injured.

13 June 1898

I have found a new type of supernatural force that appears to emanate from Brent Mctavish. This one appears orange, but I have not been able to determine what the source and effect is. I have met a group of strangers that seem intent on doing good deeds and are afflicted by supernatural forces of unknown types. One other note, while on the train, I observed an extremely powerful magic emanation, but do not have more information or observations. I feel strangely compelled to travel with them for a time to learn about these unknown types and to see if I can make a difference—also Brent has promised to explain the orange force to me if I accompany them. I have not been able to discern a supernatural force responsible for this desire – perhaps I cannot see all of the forces. Much to think on…

14 June 1898

We have overnighted in a small town in Connecticut after a long day of travel. The town is at the center of a dead zone which is not really dead but cluttered with remnants of all forces that are too tangled and shredded to be analyzed and interfere with all forces. The center of this zone is a church with perhaps a relic. I will not violate the sanctity of the church to find out more. I have seen a new composite force structure. It looks like someone is attempting braid forces together rather than blend them. In addition to small amounts of blue and green the braiding consists of a black structure. Is this a new force or just a byproduct of the braiding?

15 June 1898

We have arrived in Providence. On the roads from that small town to here, I have tried to shield Anna (a very small woman of no importance but strangely competent) from this new braided force, but the ley lines were not strong enough. We will set up tonight on a large line and see if we can succeed. From overheard conversations, it seems that the group believes that this force is associated with some artifact in the control of the Pinkertons.

16 June 1898

We have escaped from Providence and are on our way to Philadelphia. The shielding with a strong line partially worked and prevented the magic component of the “ping” from touching Anna. From intercepted telegraphs, it is clear that this has significantly degraded the “ping’s” effectiveness. We will ride the strong lines to Philadelphia and I will try to capitalize on my limited success to see if I can create a ward against the braid that does not depend on strong ley lines. There was some derring do to get the group on board the zeppelin.

Session 4

Joshua Bestatter finding himself at the doctors making sure that Tesla is alright after the Warden attacked when some Pinkertons were brought in. They were found wandering the streets, which peeked Joshua’s interest. It sounded to him like a new form of supernatural power he had to weave into his theory. Once he heard where this took place and saw Tesla back to his lab he went investigating.

He went back to bar where the Pinkerton’s first attacked Anna Floyd in Niagra Falls. With his supernatural senses he was able to location of Anna’s shells and fashioned a spell to lead him to the gun that fired it. Joshua started following the trail.

The others tried to figure out what to do next. Eventually the settled on taking the train to Providence, Rhode Island pursuing the Greyhound which brought Hasheem and his sister to America.

At the train station Joshua’s caught up with a disguised Anna. Joshua, making no attempt to be stealthy, was noticed immediately. Given the recent history of Pinkerton attacks, Brent McTavish attempted to read Joshua’s emotions which set off his sense. He wasn’t sure what to do, should he follow Anna or pursue this new source of supernatural power. Figuring he could use the spell to find Anna again he followed Brent.

Brent led him onto the train where they talked and discussed. Eventually Hasheem and Anna wondered where Brent went. Meanwhile Brent and Joshua started to head toward the compartment. While this was happening, Andrew Mensch was left alone in the compartment. He slipped away for a moment and when he came to he felt buzz of magical energy and his head was resting the lap of the Fey Lady.

She asked if he could be so kind as to acquire some Hope for her. She recommended that hope collects in the heart when someone feels hope. Just pop the heart out….

At the other end of the train, an overwhelming wave of what Joshua called green rolled over them. When they got back to the compartment, Andrew was well and truly high. They tried to question him but got mostly incoherent babbling.

A short while later Joshua sensed energy wash over Anna, it was black, marbled with blue and green. Anna finally getting a break of someone who can perceive the magic tracking her. Anna and Brent convinced Joshua to accompany them as the left the train without a station.

Joshua cast a spell on each of them to borrow some of the trains speed. They followed the tracks until they came to a town and acquired a wagon. Joshua tried to draw a ward to protect Anna from the spell was unsuccessful.

Their next plan was to travel to one of the places where the supernatural doesn’t work, the misnamed dead zones. They reached Graychurch, a small down with a large church. They talked with the father and learned the story of the founding of the church and the founder, Charles Gray. Joshua noticed something of power in the reliquary but didn’t mention anything.

Anna afraid to expose herself the tracking, sneaked into the church and spent the night there. She flashes of a man in 15th century armor fighting something that could only be called a demon.

The next morning they left Graychurch, going to a confluence of Ley lines, where Joshua again tried to ward Anna calling upon the power of the ley lines. Using that power he was able to at least weaken the tracking.

Reaching Providence, Joshua and Anna, holed up at another convergence, blocking the tracking. Brent made contact Cornelius Morgan and learned that the Greyhound was due to come into port the next day. A plan was hatched that required some hookers, Brent contacted the local mobs. They were happy to supply the hookers but was a bit surprised that Brent was here given the attacks on his organization in Philadelphia.

This greatly disturbed Brent, motivating him to return to Philadelphia.

They sent the prostitutes in to get the captain of the Greyhound drunk and lure him into an ambush, which they did admirably. The captain broke like a twig under the combined influences. They found the local representation who was able to find the records that Hasheem’s sister was sold to Edward Glass in Savannah. Unfortunately Edward Glass is no deceased.

Brent asked for everyone to help him in Philadelphia. The only question was how to get Anna out of providence without being tracked.

Joshua has a theory that if they stay over major Ley lines he should be able to protect Anna. Brent was able to get control of a zeppelin from the local mobs. A wagon was procured and Joshua made a ward on the wagon and brought Anna to the rendezvous spot. All went well until the Pinkerton’s ambushed them.

Anna and Joshua were able to fight them off. They managed to grab dangling ropes and Hasheem hauled them aboard. Joshua was able to keep the ward as they followed major ley lines toward Philadelphia.

Session 3

Brent McTavish went to the bare to celebrate the return of his final charge, Hasheem went to drink, and Anna Floyd went to mourn her life as a Pinkerton. There was must drinking and a lot of pain the next morning. Meanwhile Andrew Mensch slept off his magic high.

Brent who drank less than the other two, spent the morning making contact with the local Justicar’s organization attempting to get contacts with European and Canadian mafia organizations. He got some names in the Niagra Falls region.

Andrew went and spoke to the proprietor of Hecate’s Favor. He managed to get a letter of introduction to Phillip Warren, and expert on the Fey in Niagra Falls for the cost of purchasing Warren’s book.

Back at the bar, Anna, was jumped by Pinkerton agents on her way to the outhouse. She managed to avoid the first attack but was outnumbered. But her screams were heard. Brent arriving back from his meetings was the first to catch up with them. Using his mind control he ordered the Pinkerton agents to turn and walk away, which they slowly started doing.

Anna, furious, started throwing stones. One of the agents turned and told her to “cut it out”, the echo of the mind control seized her mind and she stood, utterly blank while the Pinkerton’s left.

Considering it unsafe, the entire group boarded another ship and made their way to Niagra Falls.

Brent spoke with Jimmy Brind, a local mobster and smuggler and entered into the beginnings of an understanding. A confidence building measure toward building a relationship.

Andrew went to speak to Phillip Warren, but only got as far as his apprentice, Jeremy Henry. Andrew discussed the issue of being a person of interest to an unbound Fey Lady. Jeremy indicated that there are ways to send her home, though she would consider it insulting. But to pursue any of that, would require more information about how she was bound. Since the original mage is ‘no longer available’, he would have to examine the Crucifix of St. Guf to see if he could untangle the thread of it.

Meanwhile Anna and Hasheem went to the wireless office to make inquiries as to the ownership of the ‘Greyhound’ the ship that transported Hasheem and his siblings to America. On the way back to the hotel, they were jumped by Pinkerton agents. After a scuffle Anna and Hasheem managed to capture one of the agents alive and bring their ‘drunk’ friend back to the room.

Combining their various talents they questioned the agent, who broke like a twig. Unfortunately all he know is that he was that a message came from HQ to collect Anna. The message had her hotel room and that she was to be taken alive. Someone would be along to collect her from HQ.

There resulted some paranoia where Anna kept mobile.

They went and tried to speak to Tesla, the mad scientist, to see if any of her stuff was being tracked by mad science. His lab was empty except for an unconscious man, who couldn’t quite remember how he got there. Upon being woken and assessing his situation, he excused himself and left the lab.

Her stuff was sequestered in a steamer trunk and checked at the train station to see if anyone came for it. The trunk was ignored. Though the Pinkertons were watching the train station generally.

Hasheem went and collect the response from his inqueries of the ‘Greyhound’. It is owned by a a partnership with a mailing address in the south. RETCON (England has been out of the slave trade since 1808, and his been in the slave ship interdiction business ever since.) The Greyhound has a route from Savannah to Providence to Africa. It has been known to stop at Atlantis occasionally when it is deemed worth the risk.

Anna went undercover and infiltrated the Pinkerton office. She found the original dispatch which came from Philadelphia HQ mere hours after she arrived in Niagara Falls. It was sent by the Central Committee.

She sent a message back to HQ, indicating that the agents had lost her, requesting any additional information. An hour later HQ sent a messaged raising the alarm, indicating that Anna was in the office. In the confusion she managed to slip away.

Andrew found a local magic supplier and convinced her to examine Anna for magical tracking. She examined Anna and found a magical residue from some previous contact with magic, but nothing current.

It was decided that an ambush was required. Andrew, wearing his best junkie face, went to the Pinkerton’s to sell out Anna. There he met Mr. Bryant who questioned him a bit about where Anna was located and had Andrew wait in the cell interview room.

Twenty men converged on Anna. Anna being prepared had set up a number of escape routes and after a chase managed to loose her pursuers.

Mr Bryant returned to Andrew and attempted to suck his brain clean. Unfortunately for Mr. Bryant, Andrew is a magic addict. The upshot is Andrew got to look around in Mr. Bryant’s head. He learned that Mr. Bryant works for Nicholas Pinkerton of the Pinkerton Central Committee. Mr. Bryant was sent to collect Anna to recharge “The Great Artifact”.

After this Andrew tried to escape, but the kind guard brought him back to Mr. Bryant to get his reward. At which point there was a scuffle. Andrew managed to get himself on the outside of the locked door with Mr. Byant and the guard on the inside. They were not being quiet.

Andrew ran through some offices and broke through a window. He managed to loose his perusers and make it back to the others.

Session 2

The Pinkerton Infilitrator having survived an assassination attempt by her own people was in the wind, heading South to Atlanta. The Pinkton’s sent significant resources after her and eventually caught her.

The psionic escaped slave, alien fixer and magic addict found themselves with a couple of dozen escaped slaves, a dozen newly freed kidnap victims deep in Confederate territory.

Two of the girls were Claire and Heather Warcort the daughters of Declan Warcort, an influential local mobster. The alien fixer took the local girls, Claire and Heather, and Ross Kennedy to Warcort who, once roused, in appreciation took care of the local girls, disposed of Ross Kennedy and offered his smuggling crew to the move the slaves from the plantation to the dock.

While this was happening the magic addict was visited by a high fairy acquaintance. She desired him to collect her the ‘first light of the dawn’ as collected in any old eyes that saw the dawn. Just pop the eyes right on out and it’ll be fine.

The alien fixer on his way to the offices of the Kennedy’s lawyer, Cornelius Morgan, encounters the Pinkerton Infiltrator as she escapes from a second story amid a hail of gun fire. The alien fixer helps the pinkerton infiltrator escape. The alien fixer’s attempt to warn the lawyer to allow him to capitalize on the situation doesn’t quite go as he hoped, with the lawyer eventually fleeing the city at the news that he’d come to the attention of the local gangster in a matter related to his daughter’s kidnapping.

Once back at the plantation there was a minor issue involving the slave patrol. Some of them died within the standing stones… though they seemed to keep moving, maybe. This led to some serious corpse abuse.

After some serious drink, some mind control and a minor run in with some steam powered mecha, everyone managed to sneak on board a ship and ship out to Baltimore.

Out on the high seas, but still in southern waters, a northern ship encountered the smuggling vessel and opened fire without so much as a semaphore. The situation dire, the magic addict, assaulted and took the eyes of the lookout delivering them to the high Fairy. Striking a bargain to render the attacking vessels weapons useless. Moments later a great squall came up from nowhere forcing the ships apart. The smuggling ship made it through without major damage.

In Baltimore slaves were set up before everyone moved on to Philadelphia where the alien fixer spoke with his Justicar contact and returned his daughter and the pinkerton infiltrator spoke with Quinton Robert Stone, the Pinkerton’s steam man. It was learned that the assassination attempt on the pinkerton infiltrator came straight from the central committee and the ship was also one of the Pinkerton’s.

On to Chicago where a last girl was returned and the magic addict gave the the Crucifix of St. Guf to his supplier. In talking with his supplier he learned that the idea of an unbound high fairy walking around frightens him, without revealing that… you know… that there was one.

Session 1

Last session the psionic escaped slave, the alien fixer and the magic addict descended upon Atlanta for their own reasons. The alien fixer seeking to the daughter of a colleague who had been taken by white slavers, the psionic escaped slave seeking his brother, and the magic addict seeking the Crucifix of St. Guf at the behest of his supplier.

After encounters with ship captains, confederate soldiers, groomsmen, kitchenstaff, seneschals and young boys the three found themselves converging on the the Kennedy Plantation at dusk. Finding each other in the dim light and of agreeable mind, they agreed to help each other. After freeing the slaves and raiding the main house, they pursued the dastardly Ross Kennedy to a copse of trees where he kept a fairy noble enslaved within a set of standing stones. Kennedy ordered the Fairy to kill the adventuresome gentlemen. Ross was dispatched easily, but the Fairy would have been a challenge if her desire was anything but to leave her prison. After forcing the magic addict to remove the Crucifix of St. Guf from its place on one of the stones she stepped through a gate, presumably to Arcadia.


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